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Digital Movie updates In April 2020 You Need to Know About

digital movie updates april 2020

The month of April had now started and I’m sure a lot of fans out there are desperately waiting for the release of their favourite movies in digital quality. Especially, now that we are sitting at home doing nothing in our quarantine time, we ought to check some of the movies out. I’ll be discussing digital movie releases dates of the movies that are coming out in April. So, make sure you keep an eye out for your favourite movies.

I am certainly also going to share with you small plots of the movies as well in order to tell you to know what the movies are all about. Spoilers are part of this post, this is a quick spoiler warning for all of you who don’t like spoiler content. Without delaying the post any more let us begin discussing the topic.

Digital Movie updates April 2020

I am going to share the movies in the order that they will be coming out in the month of quarantine April 2020. Here is a list of movies for you:

01 April 2020:

Impractical Jokers: The Movie – This is a story that will be reigniting the fun about the cast that the fans have adored in the past. Hidden camera challenges and other fun things will turn the clock back to the past for sure.

03 April 2020:

Rogue Warfare: The Hunt – This movie is all about how the opponents capture the leader of some elite team of soldiers and how they work to get him back from them.

Brahms: The Boy II – Heelshire mansion has in store a life like a doll for the new family that lives now there. Their young son grows fond of this doll which has strange signs of life in it.

07 April 2020:

IP Man 4 – The master of martial arts, Wing Chun makes his return in the movie. This time IP Man will be in the United States of America, San Francisco and Bruce Lee will be a part of this movie as well.

The Last Full Measure – This is a movie about the Vietnam war and the protagonist is a medic who saved numerous lives in the war and died a historic death as well.

Like a Boss – This movie is about two friends who live their lives to the fullest and own a cosmetic company until the antagonist tries to steal it from them and hell breaks out and chaos will spread in their lives.

What You Gonna Do When the World’s on Fire? – This movie is about the struggles faced by African Americans, especially the women who found it hard in those days to set up their own businesses.

10 April 2020:

Sea Fever – The movie is set in Ireland where a strange activity has halted the work of the trawler crew.

We Summon the Darkness – The movie is a tragic story of three friends who hook up with three more people and one thing leads to another, they find themselves at the county in one of the girl’s house partying and doing other evil things. Suddenly, tables turn and deaths take place.

14 April 2020:

Green Rush – This is a story of a farmer and his wife who struggle to survive amid the invasion of criminals into their lovely farm.

Underwater – This story is about sea researchers who are willing to risk a lot in order to find out what caused the earthquake which has done a lot of damage to their research but they soon find out there is more to the story then just the earthquake and things take a turn for worst.

The Rhythm Section – Protagonist of this story is a woman who has set her sights on vengeance against the people that killed her family in a plane crash.

24 April 2020:

1BR – This is a woman’s story who is willing to start a whole new life altogether for herself but her past keeps on creeping up again and again to hinder her cause. Even though she lives in a luxurious apartment, she has to face her fears and weird noises that have made her life miserable.

True History of the Kelly Gang – This is a story about a so-called legendary terrorist known as Ned Kelly as he leads his forces to put an end to the oppression that is being forced on his people. This is a movie that the fans of old western movies would certainly like to watch.

28 April 2020:

Guns Akimbo – As the ex-girlfriend of the protagonist is abducted he sets out to free her while showing off his new skills using guns.

The Assistant – The story is all about a girl who works as an assistant to a big executive while her life is going on well. Suddenly, one day she realizes that she is going through immense abuse and tries to change her lifestyle.

The Photograph – This is a movie that showcases a lot of love stories and all of them have something to offer. Some of them are from the past and some from the present time.

So, these are some of the movies that are scheduled to come out digitally in the month of April 2020. Do tell us in the comments section down below what are your thoughts regarding these movies and which among the above are you really excited to watch in your quarantine time.