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Bendy And The Dark Revival:And Gameplay Explained

Bendy And The Dark Revival update Announced

Bendy and The Dark Revival is a story-driven horror adventure game, a direct sequel to Bendy and Ink Machine, combining unique art and graphic design. The game is set in an old animation studio where the player takes the role of one of the employees of the animation studio having to come back to work after a couple of years only to find that a ton of dark ink has occupied the office in which they used to work.

Bendy’s story is very complicated, deserving a post on its own but to sum up things a little bit you will end up having your mind being blown away, featuring a first-person horror experience once again, as the trailer released by the development team implied. Bendy and The Dark Revival will be released in an episodic way, having the premiere this year.

We are yet to know why the development team made a choice to release Bendy and The Dark Revival in an episodic way and what will each episode be comprised of.

Bendy and The Dark Revival Trailer

The trailer itself is more of a tease than anything and provides little information as to when or where is the game going to be released but it does give us the context that we are going back to the animation studio to meet ink monsters and make our way throughout the darkness and the horrid corridors of the animation studio in which the plot takes place.

Bendy and The Dark Revival is produced by Joey Drew Studios, its prequel, Bendy and The Ink Machine is a game available for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC, iOS and Android. Keep checking back this website for more updates on Bendy and The Dark Revival and all your other favorite games