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Rap sh*t update

HBO Max is a new upcoming streaming service by HBO. Some of the hardcore fans of HBO are saying that this will indeed be a very tough service to complete with because of the sheer top-level content that it will be producing. Rap sh*t is one of the many shows that HBO Max is preparing to release as its original show. In this post, I’ll be talking about Rap sh*t other HBO Max streaming service shows. Also, spoilers of. Rap sh*t is an integral part of this post, this is a quick spoiler warning for all of you who don’t like spoiler content. Without delaying the post any more let us begin discussing the topic.

Issa Rae is the main force behind this new show. Issa Rae Productions and 3 Arts Entertainment will be the production companies of the show. Since Issa Rae is involved, she could well be the main director of the show but that isn’t a piece of confirmed news and only speculation. The show will have episodes with a runtime of 30 minutes each. The genre of the show is music and comedy. This show is all about music. The slaves of the music industry will like this show as expected.

The storyline follows three women, hip hop duo and a manager. This is supposed to be a musical but a comedy show. The thought of watching this show doesn’t make me excited because I am not a fan of the music industry but who follows such things might like it. The show is all set to be shot in Miami, Florida. HBO Max announced this show a while ago but so far no production details are out. Now, let us discuss when the show will come out.

Rap sh*t update

Rap sh*t will be released in 2021, although this is yet to be confirmed. There is not a single detail regarding the release of this show. There is no idea when the show will be released because of the Covid19 pandemic. More news will be soon out regarding the release of this show. HBO Max has announced 31 original series in 2020 and 50 in 2021, since we don’t know when Rap sh*t will be released we hope that it will be released in 2020.

Due to the Covid19 pandemic, everything is uncertain and no one in the world knows what will happen next. Now, let me tell you details about more of the shows that will be released by HBO Max streaming service.

Following are the details of the new shows being streamed by HBO Max streaming service:

  • Gossip Girl is a teen drama television show. The update of the show is confirmed to be in 2020. One season of the show has been confirmed by HBO Max and it will be having a total of 10 episodes. Fake Empire Productions, Alloy Entertainment, Warner Bros. Television, and CBS Television Studios are the production companies of the Gossip Girl show.
  • The Flight Attendant, its genre is a mystery, drama, and dark comedy. There is no update of this show available so far. It is still in the filming process of production. The production companies of the show are Berlanti Productions, Warner Bros. Television, and Yes, Norman Productions.
  • Tokyo Vice, its genre is said to be pure drama and crime. The first season of this show has been confirmed officially. It will be having a total of 10 episodes in its launch season. The update of this show is still to be announced. Endeavor Content is the production company of this show and it is still in its filming stage only.
  • Crime Farm, its genre is also drama, and as the title suggests crime as well most probably. Series has been ordered by HBO Max and the update of the show is yet to be announced. Blossom Films and Warner Horizon Scripted Television are the two production companies of the show.
  • DC Super Hero High is an interesting upcoming HBO Max show. Its genre is superhero, teenage, and drama. The runtime of each episode of DC Super Hero High is 30 minutes. Production companies of this show are DC Entertainment, Brownstone Productions, and Warner Bros. Television. DC Super Hero High has been ordered by HBO Max.
  • Green Lantern, its another character from the DC Universe. This shows genre is a superhero, science fiction. HBO Max has ordered the show to be produced but no details about its update have been announced yet. DC Entertainment, Warner Bros. Television, and Berlanti Productions are the production companies of the show.
  • Strange Adventures, its another superhero show with anthology genre added to it. No details of the update are yet announced and HBO Max has placed an order for the series to be made. The runtime of each episode of the show is going to be 60 minutes. Production companies of Strange Adventures are Berlanti Productions, DC Entertainment, and Warner Bros. Television.

These are just some of the upcoming shows and there is a whole list of other shows coming out as well. Do let us know your thoughts regarding Rap sh*t and other mentioned shows above sincerely.

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