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Songland Season 3: update, Trailer And All Updates

Songland Season 3
Songland Still

The creativity of the songwriters is examined and provided an opportunity to establish their talent within a given point of time. Songland is an American songwriter competition. The first episode of the season was first published on May 28, 2020, premiering on NBC television channel.

Many production companies join hands in producing the reality show. Universal Television Alternative Studio, 222 Productions, Live Animals Productions, and Dave Stewart are the production companies involved. Directed by Ivan Dudynsky and created by David A. Stewart. Audrey Morrissey, Ivan Dudynsky, Adam Levine, Dave Stewart, Chad Hines are the executive producers of the show. Jared Gutstadt is the composer of Songland.

When Is Songland Season 3 update?

Songland season 3 will be released in June-2021. Although this isn’t officially announced by the studio. Currently, ongoing season 2  will be completed on May 11, 2020. From an uneducated guess, it’s evident that the show will start its shooting progress later this year.

Songland Season 3

Songland Still

Based on the increasing response and positive review from the critics the production is planning for another season of the television show. Mostly it will be good news for the fans eagerly waiting for the announcement. However, we’ll update this part once the official announcement drops.

Songland Update

The show mainly focuses on bringing out the best work from the talent. Songwriters will discuss with the producers of the show about the theme and quality of the album. Within the given point in time, each writer has to write a song relevant to the topic.

The panel of Judges will evaluate the song and suggest changes if needed. After the rework, each songwriter will be provided with an opportunity to establish their song on stage. A songwriter is provided with a high-quality recording studio equipped with sound mixing equipment along with musicians and extra singers.

Songland Season 3

Songland Season 3 Still

The final version of the song will be chosen from the four songs after various rounds of approval from three judges. Soon after the completion of the procedure, a newly composed song will be aired on the same day for the audience. This show provides a great platform for the creative work of songwriters. In each episode, the final winner will be announced.

Songland Season 3 Cast

No there is no information about the Songland season 3 cast details. Season 3 is expected to be renewed soon after the completion of the ongoing season. We provide cast detail from last season. However, we’ll update this part once the announcement drops from the production.

  • Songland Season 2 Episode 1 Losing You Song written by Tim Halperin.
  • Songland Season 2 Episode 1 Feels Good to Me song was written by Steven Battey.
  • Songland Season 2 Episode 1 I’ll Drink to That song written by Madeline Merlo.
  • Songland Season 2 Episode 1 Long Way Home song written by Ryan Innes.
  • Songland Season 2 Episode 2 Conditions song written by DYSON.
  • Songland Season 2 Episode 2 Sway song written by Pipobeats.
  • Songland Season 2 Episode 2 I Don’t Want to Know a song written by Lauren Martinez.
  • Songland Season 2 Episode 2 What If a song written by Cory.
  • Songland Season 2 Episode 3 Scary song written by Axel Mansoor.
  • Songland Season 2 Episode 3 Safe Place song written by Milly.
  • Songland Season 2 Episode 3 How Could You Not Know? the song was written by Jocelyn Alice.
  • Songland Season 2 Episode 3 Wrong Places written by Raquel Castro.

The show has gained a positive response even after facing some bashing comments on the ownership of the song work. It was well-received by the audience, production has decided to include many episodes in the upcoming seasons.

Songland Trailer

There’s no trailer available for Songland season 3. We’ll provide a trailer from the previous season. We’ll update this part once the Songland season 3 drops.

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