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The Flash Season 5 Episode 23 or Season 6? Confirmed Release Details

The Flash Season 5 Episode 22

In this post, we are going to talk about The Flash season 5 episode 23 or season 6 update and details. As we know that the show is supposed to air 22nd episode today, and fans are always curious to know what will happen afterward. Therefore, we are here with all the details of the next episode.

We have seen a lot of ups and downs in this season, including Nora betraying Team Flash and working with Thawne. Also, like Cicada was not enough, we got Cicada 2 as well. The penultimate episode featured a plot against all the meta-humans from Cicada 2, which Team Flash managed to bust away. Nevertheless, the 22nd episode will feature Reverse Flash and Flash confronting each other.

Also, we are aware that the 22nd episode will be the season finale episode of the fifth season. Which means, there will not be any 23rd episode in the fifth season. Nevertheless, we are supposed to get more chapters for sure, as the sixth season will follow after this season. The sixth season was confirmed earlier this year, and we are supposed to receive the next season on the usual slot of the show.

Apart from that, the showrunner will be changed for the upcoming season. Eric Wallace, who has been in the show since the fourth season, will be taking over as the showrunner. We have seen no significant deaths in this season, which suggests that the main cast will be returning in the next season.

The show might return around October of 2019. The prediction could be precise, as the show has been consistently releasing new seasons in October each year. Therefore, if the production schedule will be strictly followed, then the next season would arrive in October as well. The following season could have 22 episodes as the last season or 23 episodes as the first four seasons!