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Macbook Air 2019 Might Be Cheaper: Might Release in October

Macbook Air 2019 update, Price

Last year, Apple upped its work and redesigned and updated the MacBook Air. They ended up making it more thing and light than before. Apple waited more than three years toMacBook Air in 2018. Apple did make some small updates in 2016 and 2017, but, the processor was the same as the 2015 model. So, now the main question here is that will Apple leave MacBook Air as it for another three years?

If Apple thinks of updating the MacBook, they will most likelyit in October 2019. Apple isn’t known tothings within a year. So, a possiblemight come out in October 2019.

There is a chance that Apple might discontinue the older MacBook Air, and it might reduce the price of the £1,1999 model. Back in 2018, there were rumors that the cost of MacBook Air would be under $1,000. But that never happened. The older MacBook started at $1,000, and Apple faced severe criticism over it.

With a possible drop in the price, there is a chance that their number of products sold will increase as well. It will be accessible to more people. Chromebooks currently account for 60 percent of devices shipping to education. So, it will be interesting to see what Apple decide. In my opinion, Apple is just continuing to dish out products at an astounding price. People might expect them to lower the price, but, it will just be the same.