Concrete Genie update: Upcoming PS4 Exclusive

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Concrete Genie update

Last Updated on May 12, 2021 by OtakuKart Staff

Sony’s upcoming PS4 exclusive, Concrete Genie, following its postponement from the spring, presently has a discharge date, setting it for an October discharge. The developer behind this is PixelOpus, which is a portion of Sony’s Worldwide Studios. The project Concrete Genie will be released for the PS4 on Oct. 8 for $29.99, or $39.99 for the Digital Deluxe release. Both versions of the game incorporate two PSVR modes alongside the primary game, and the Digital Deluxe adaptation includes an excellent quality book, a soundtrack, a Pond Design Pack that extends your in-game toolset, and a Dynamic Theme.

In addition to the cost and date, PixelOpus likewise affirmed Concrete Genie, like most Sony first-person game, will have an included Photo Mode. But given that players’ artistic expression, painting scenery, and genies on the buildings of the fictional town of Denska, Pixelopus’ Photo Mode has a twist.

“When you’ve arranged your shot, you can press a catch, and it will replay, similar to a timelapse, the majority of your painted components,” Dominic Robilliard, Creative Director at PixelOpus, said. “It’s something we can’t quit playing with; it’s so much fun.”

Players will be able to promulgate not just capture images of their art but also create a timelapse video that showcases how they made it. Given that Concrete Genie offers players the same painting parts but the opportunity to draw and blend them together as they please, Photo Mode will let players show off their artwork, and the creative process behind those pieces.

Finally, PixelOpus has additionally uncovered another expertise that players will most likely use in the game: Paint Skating. While not broadly expounding, it shows up the knowledge will take into account quick traversal on skates made of brilliant paint. Concrete Genie is PixelOpus’ second game, previously they had produced another PS4 exclusive game titled ‘Entwined’. Project ‘Concrete Genie ‘ was first revealed in October 2017 by Sony.

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