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Diamond no Ace Act II Chapter 227 update, Spoilers, and Recap

Diamond no Ace Act II

This manga has just returned from its weekly break from the latest development of  Diamond. The 3rd batter from Sankou shows up he is not sure what kind of trick Sawamura is using but he thinks his pitching is fastballs. Sawamura throws towards Miyagawa. It became a strike and he throws again as the first pitch was changed up. Miyagawa hits the second one and 1st baseman Maezono catches it and throws it back to the base.

Now it is three out Sedou’s let’s find out what is going to happen when the match continues. Sawamura showed a great performance and left field with not even a single fastball he used. He took out 3 infield grounders with 6 pitches that he threw. Now it is the bottom of the first half Ichidai Sankou turn on defense.

This Manga is also known by its alternatives as Daiya no Ace- Act II or Diamond no Ace 2. We are back again with another new chapter of this Manga. Here will be looking at the Diamond no Ace Act II Chapter 227 update and recap.

Diamond no Ace Act II Chapter 227 will be released on Thursday, 1 October 2020. New chapters of the manga are always released on Thursdays. Note that this Manga keeps on taking breaks due to some of the interruptions. Let’s see down below how Ahamasia will respond from Sawamura’s performance. Take a look at the recap and ways to read this Manga below.

Diamond no Ace Act II

Diamond no Ace Act II

Previously on Diamond no Ace Act II Chapter 226

The third-year Amahisa Kousei who is a right-handed pitcher is on the mound. In the last match, he pitched all 9 innings of the game giving up 2 runs. In QF he stayed on the Dugout preparing for this game and final. Kuramochi steps up to bat Amahisa Kousei doesn’t care what people think of him as a slow starter and week at openers.

He bost himself with confidence that from today he is going to show them how he has improved. He throws the fastball towards Kuramochi who hits it the center field. That was a good start from Kuramochi who connected for a hit with 151 kph fastball. He has also increased his batting average and he gets on base. Kominato steps on the bat box as the second baseman and Kuramochi fails to make it back in time.

Now he is out and Amahisa Kousei is happy saying that he doesn’t like it when people think he throws pickoffs. He is happy that the runner is out and he wants to show the opposite of what they think about him. He also wants to take Kominato quickly. Kominato said that he can’t let him get the rhythm and Amahisa Kousei fires a fastball that Kominato misses. It became a strike Amahisa want to also show them his new style just like Sawamura did.

That’s all about the upcoming chapter of Diamond no Ace Act II, you can use the next details here to caught this Manga chapters. Diamond no Ace Act II chapters are available on the Manga One magazine. Keep in mind that there is no official ways or websites where you can read Diamond no Ace manga. So you can support its creators by reading your manga from the magazine.

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