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Pokemon 2019 Episode 42 Latest Development

Pokemon 2019

Satoshi aims to battle the Supreme Monarch, Dande and Goh want to catch every Pokemon to work his way up to Mew. This story follows those two and their adventures along with Pikachu and other Pokemon. Let’s find out what adventure is waiting for Goh and Santoshi today here. Team Rocket is at their territory they are playing with their monster balls.

Nyarth has caught a cold and they decide to take care of him saying health comes first or else evil can’t prosper. Nyarth said Musashi and Kojiro are using his cold as an excuse to try to slack off.  Nyarth falls in deep sleep and Kojiro is worried that yesterday they were beaten by Satoshi and Goh. They use the drone to spy on Pikachu’s movements. Mushasi said that they are going to kidnap Pikachu for real since they are bored they try to act like Pikachu.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 42 Recap

Pokemon 2019 Episode 42 will be released on Friday, 23 October 2020, at 6:55 AM JST. The new episode of Pokemon is released every Sunday. These Anime release its latest new episode every Friday. Beware of the spoilers of the next episode, so make sure to be careful when you continue. Move down below for more about Pokemon.

Pokemon 2019

Pokemon 2019

Previously on Pokemon 2019 Episode 41

Musashi and Kojiro challenge each other for who can act well as Pikachu. But they are both failing and Kojiro asks Sonansu if he has any footage with a close-up view of Pikachu’s face. They watched the video rewinding it back to understand Pikachu’s expression. Kojiro said that he can dub him well now. He tries to say what Pikachu said when he blasts them and he said I bid you farewell or it will see you soon. Since they can’t understand what Pikachu is saying they both thought that they are getting it right.

They keep on saying good speeches about what Pikachu said to them when they are defeated. They shed tears of happiness saying that Pikachu is a nice person. He is waiting for them again Nyarth can’t even sleep because of the noise. He is the one who understands what Pikachu is saying and he can’t interpret since he is sick. Musashi and Kojiro things they are understanding Pikachu well. The next day in the morning Satoshi and Goh come across Numacraw buried in the ground.

Numacraw is a mudfish pokemon who is water and ground type and Goh trie to catch it but failed. Suddenly a group of Numacraw’s friends showed up yearning for their friend to be saved. Since he was stuck on the ground the rain pokemon show up. It dances the rain song that saved Namacraw with the help of Santoshi and Goh. Goh and Satoshi left knowing that all the Numacraw are saved and the next day they find all of them stuck in the ground again.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 42 Preview

That’s what we manage to get about the latest preview and updates so far. You will get more updates of this Anime as soon as it releases its new episode. Watch this Anime officially on Netflix.