The New PS5 will Include New Major Anime Streaming App

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There were some significant releases announced in the Techtober of the year 2020. Among them was the PS5 console from Sony Entertainment. The Japanese company has been making these game-box consoles for a very long time. Their latest gaming Console, PS5, is going to bring innovation to the table. It is faster than the previous generation while keeping the price reasonable. PS5 is scheduled to release on November 12, 2020, in select few countries and on November 19, 2020, for the rest of the world.

The software for PS5 will include Apps from anime streaming companies. The newest addition to this list is Funimation. This is a popular site known for its original dubbing for anime. Along with gaming, you can also use your console to watch anime with the latest device of PlayStation. There was a wide selection of streaming apps in the previous PS4. Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and Twitch were already accessible for the fans. In fact, the new apps added to PS5 will also work with the PS4.

Sony is trying to add additional functionality to your console by not limiting it to gaming. If you are a hardcore gamer, most of your time will be spent playing your favorite titles on the PlayStation. But when you want to take a break and jump to your streaming service, it can be done without switching to another device. The hardware inside these next-generation consoles is good enough to stream your favorite shows up to 4K resolution. The experience will be the same, if not better, compared to other devices in your home. If you buy the non-digital version, you can also use the blu-ray disks for watching your content.

PS5 is more advanced than its predecessor by a good margin. It is equipped with the latest chips to bring you a seamless 4K gaming experience. In a recent teardown video from Sony, it was revealed that Liquid Metal is used to cool the processing chip. This is a highly efficient method that will contribute to the overall performance of the device. PS5 will be able to use the 8-core AMD chip to its maximum potential. The device is also equipped with high-speed SSDs that decrease load times and reduce overall latency issues. PS5 also comes with a brand new, improved controller. All these new features make it worthwhile to upgrade to the upcoming console.

The console will come in two variants, PS5 Console and PS5 Digital Version. The only difference is the Blu-ray Disc Drive between the two. The Price is $500 for the regular console while $400 for the digital-only. As we know, the real performance of this device will only be known after the release, but the early impressions suggest that the results of upgraded hardware on performance are pretty close to what Sony claims on their end. The PS5 has no pre-orders on any shopping sites right now after the mess in early October. Stay tuned with official sources, the big shopping sites like Amazon, for the potential restocks in the coming days.

Categorized as Anime, News

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