Tonight’s episode of Charmed (2×4), titled ‘Deconstructing Harry’ will see Macy and Mel joins teams with Abigael to hunt dark Harry. In the last weeks episode, we saw Poppy Drayton’s Abigael, who is a half-witch and a half-demon. Abigael wanted to kill Macy.

The current Charmed is the reboot of the old show by the same name. It airs on The CW. The thing about Charmed is that, it is spooky and so entertaining to watch. CW keeps up spicing the shows for our contentment.

Anywho, Macy was stopped killing Abigael by a demon assassin that looked like Harry. This piece of information is revealed to us later. Abi can’t be trusted at all, therefore she will stay. Poppy Drayton is a series regular by the way. If you have seen ‘The Shannara Chronicles’ you would better that it is not cool to keep Abigael around for long. She could be plotting and planning anything. But this time around, Abigael tells the Charmed Ones plus Harry that she can’t help them find the assassin as she has a clue, therefore Macy insists on going with her.

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Charmed episode 4 airs tonight on The CW.

We are more psyched on Harry, the episode is named after him, so what could it hold? Harry is yet to discover a horrifying secret and we’re guessing that it will be a major plotline to be set for the entire season. episode, but also in the season going forward. Fans are speculatinf Dark Harry, who could have been created when Fiona gave back normal Harry his powers. Guess we will just have to wait and watch.

Charmed’ airs on The CW on Friday nights.