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Brandon Sanderson’s Starsight Is Heading To The Bookstores Soon: All You Need To Know


Brandon Sanderson is about to drop another masterpiece of his, and everyone knows the date 26 November. However, we are already on the date, and just a few hours left before the stores open where you can buy the book and add one of the best books in the history to your shelves of book collection. The book will also be released on Amazon Kindle to be read online. However, the app still shows that the book is still not available for purchase currently.

I believe that it willonce the book will be available in stores, as they might want to keep it simple for everyone, and release at the same time in the stores and on Kindle as well. Therefore, the date has arrived, but the time has not. Everyone is waiting for the book, and I think there will be kong queues tomorrow in book stores to buy the second part of Brandon’s series, as the first book was named Skyward.


Starsight Poster

It would be interesting to see if the second book lives to the expectations of the readers. The first book was loved by everyone, and I hope that this book also lives up to the standard, and does not disappoint. The book might be available from morning 7 AM, which is the time most of the stores open. Hence, ebook readers can expect the book to release around the similar time on Amazon. Moreover, those who have pre-ordered the book on Amazon would also be able to get their copy by tomorrow. The book is priced at $19.99 on Amazon, but currently the book has a discounted price of $15.99.

So, all the readers would be having their one of the best reads in their hands tomorrow. Spensa’s story will move ahead, as she heads to the universe to find the unknown truths lying in the space. She is a hero, so she will dive deep in the universe to save the mankind.