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Diamond no Ace Act II Chapter 236 Updates So Far

Diamond no Ace Act II

Sawamura manages to show Hoshida who is the boss after throwing a pitch that became a breaking ball to the outside corner. Sankou is 4-Hole and Hoshida has been taken out. That was a nice pitch from Seidou’s ace Sawamura and the tide is turning in Seidou’s favor. The hard hitter has been taken out and it is now two outs for Sawamura’s side.

Miyuki signals to Sawamura that only one more out will do and Sawamura decided that they must not get too excited and let their guard down. The fans notice that Sawamura is still reliable on the mound like before. Sawamura’s presence is such that the entire stadium can’t help but feel it. Sasaki the right fielder has stepped up to bat on the 5th. Tahara Toshihiko told Sasaki that for him to make solid contact with the pitch that moves at the plate is to wait until the possible last moment and swing compactly.

Diamond no Ace Act II Chapter 236 Recap

Diamond no Ace Act II Chapter 236 will be released on Thursday, 10 December 2020. New chapters of the manga are always released on Thursdays. Note that this Manga keeps on taking breaks due to some of the interruptions and its chapter gets delayed. Take a look at the recap below.

Diamond no Ace Act II

Diamond no Ace Act II

Previously on Diamond no Ace Act II Chapter 235

Tahara Toshihiko gave Sasaki confidence to show Sawamura what he can bring to the table. it is 2 outs with the runner on 2nd and 5th Sasaki is in the batter’s box. Sasaki gets ready and thinks that it is stupid to accomplish something against Sawamura. Sawamura decided to locate the pitch where it won’t be reachable and he fires. Sawamura decided to go with all or nothing betting on the outside corner and throws a fast-ball. Miyuki notices that Sawamura stepped on the line while throwing his pitch.

Sasaki decided that he won’t let it go to waste and connect sending it to the 3rd baseman position and gets past him. Sasaki manages to run and rounded third. The ball is sent back home while Sasaki is still running towards home and Miyuki is waiting for it. Sasaki manages to get home in time before Miyuki pins the ball with the ground.

Sasaki celebrates that he manages to hit the ball to the left-field and records an RB. Ichidai Sankou celebrates since they have managed to score first and Amahisa raised his hand that they will be victorious. They only need a run to take the game to their hands. Miyuki and Sawamura are just shocked that their plan has failed we will find out next time if they will be able to take the game back to their hands.

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