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Horimiya Chapter 107: Details

Horimiya Chapter 107: update and Details

In this article, we are going to talk about Horimiya Chapter 107 spoilers, updates, and everything we know so far. Chapter 106 of Horimiya was just published as of Yesterday.

While Sakura was in the Student council room, her stomach kept growling, and Sengoku asked if she was hungry. She revealed that she dint want to eat anything as shes afraid she’d get fat. Sengoku then gave her a light snack reassuring her that it wouldn’t make her fat. Later, when Sengoku was helping Sakura with the super glue on her pencil case, she accidentally had some of it on Sakura’s hand, which ended up gluing their hands together.

It created an embarrassing moment, especially for Sakura, as Sengoku texted it to everyone asking for help. On the following day, Ayasuki came in irritated to which her friends figured that something must’ve happened. As it turns out, there is some tension between her and Remi, but Ayasuki was taking it out on Sakura. When Remi appeared, she cried that she wanted all of them to become friends. The tension builds up more as the three of them were arguing about Ayasuki’s behavior.

Horimiya follows the secret life of Kyoko Hori as she tries and to make it as a student and as her younger brother’s caretaker. She tries to keep her home life a secret from her classmates. However, when a stranger helps her brother with hidden ear piercings and tattoos, Horimiya recognizes the stranger as one of her classmates, Miyamura. They both agree to keep their out of school lives a secret, ending up with them developing a much closer relationship with each other.

Chapter 107 will reveal how the tension between Remi, Sakura, and Ayasuki affected their relationship. They are popularly known as the Student council trio and appear to be as close as family members could be. So hopefully, they will reconcile as time goes. Horimiya is released on a bi-weekly schedule with the latest chapter released yesterday; then Chapter 107 will be released on the 21st of December 2019. updates may be subject to change as they also depend on each individual manga site.