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Where Was New James Bond Movie No Time To Die Filmed?

No Time To Die
No Time To Die (Credits: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer)

No Time To Die is the upcoming James Bond movie which a lot of fans have hyped up for. Even though its troubled production according to the rumors, the film has been filmed in many different and beautiful places. Here is the list of all the locations we know so far.

No Time To Die filming location

No Time To Die (Credits: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer)

• Matera, Italy

Director Cary Fukunaga had shared many behind the scenes photos of their time filming in Matera in Italy, which is the scene of the fast-paced Aston Martin DB5 chase that was in the trailer. Further shots were filmed in Maratea and Gravina in Puglia.

• Nittedal, Norway

Nittedal is a city that is eighteen miles north of Oslo. It was used for the filming of a frozen lake scene. It is a scene in which we see Rami Malek chasing a child over a frozen lake. Later, production returned to Norway’s Atlantic Ocean Road for a driving scene.

• Port Antonia, Jamaica

Jamaica was one of the first locations announced for the film. Jamaica is the place where Bond is enjoying his retirement at the beginning of the film and was the location of Daniel Craig’s much-publicized ankle injury. Afterward, the production moved to the country’s capital, Kingston.

• London, England

London is one of the key locations in the movie, to be specifically Whitehall and Hammersmith. The Aston Martin V8 made another appearance in the Whitehall scene, which is believed to feature Bond driving Miss Moneypenny to Q’s house and was briefly shown in the trailer.

• Aviemore, Scotland

Scottish highlands is one of the locations in the movie. Cairngorms National Park will be the site of yet another car chase as glimpsed in the trailer, which doesn’t end well for one of the vehicles. Furthermore, filming also took place in and around Ardverikie House, Laggan.