Isekai Shōkan wa Nidome Desu Anime Spring Reveal and Teaser

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Isekai Shōkan wa Nidome Desu; Credits: YouTube
Isekai Shōkan wa Nidome Desu; Credits: YouTube

On Friday, the official website for Kazuha Kishimoto’s Isekai Shkan wa Nidome Desu, which is translated into Summoned to Another World for a Second Time in English, television anime announced the anime’s teaser promo video, additional cast, more crew, opening theme composer, and spring 2023 launch. The anime is said to debut in April 2023. Japanese light novel author Kazuha Kishimoto and illustrator 40hara created the series Isekai Shkan wa Nidome Desu. 

Shunichi Toki voices the anime’s protagonist Setsu, as previously revealed. in Isekai Shōkan wa Nidome Desu Elka is played by Kaori Maeda, Yhi is played by Satomi Amano, Livia is played by Fairouz Ai, and Dezastol is played by Saori Nishi. 

Staff members who have recently been announced include:

  • Art Director: Hiroshi Gouroku (Makaria)
  • Color Design: Yūsuke Watanabe
  • Director of Photography: Tetsuya Nishimura
  • Editing: Ayako Tan (Graphinica)
  • Sound Director: Hozumi Gōda
  • Sound Production: Jinnan Studio
  • Composer: Manzo
  • Music Production: CREST

Motoki Nakanishi, director of the Kaguya-same: Love is War Ultra Romantic episode, is directing the animation at Studio Elle. Yukihito is in charge of the series scripts. The characters are being designed by Mikako Kunii, director of Date A Live IV episode animation. The opening theme song called “Continue Distortion” is performed by S.S.NiRVERGE. 

As even the planet of Eclair is in peril due to the battle between the Human, Beastman, and Demon races, a man is sent to safeguard the world, and he succeeds in his task and goes to the Human Country. Nevertheless, he was about to fall into the clutches of the Human King, who’d been concerned that the Hero who had gotten into power might become his replacement. Trapped, the Hero was subjected to transfer magic and reborn as a baby in modern days. 

He attended high school under the alias Suzaki Setsu 16 years later. He kept looking for a means to reconnect to the different reality, even though he was harassed for being a melancholy guy who always read books. But then he stepped back into the dirt of a different universe. Called by the Human country’s hero summon, this time alongside his classmates.

“War again? I don’t want to be bothered.” Fortunately, he was summoned to another world 5 years later, and after slipping out of the Human kingdom, he opted to meet folks like the good old Demon King and the Beast King. 

Isekai Shōkan wa Nidome Desu; Credits: YouTube
Isekai Shōkan wa Nidome Desu; Credits: YouTube

Fans’ Reviews and Expectations 

The Summoned to Another World… Again?! the manga did not go down well with the fans. Many people have commented that you see those Isekai stories with promising plots. One among them is this. After being isekai’d, Main Character was deceived by the King and resent to his planet after conquering the monsters.

The Main Character was implanted in the body of another infant. Isn’t it fascinating? No, since the author skips up to the time, he was summoned again. He maintained a low-key life despite still possessing magical abilities, and he even allowed himself to be bullied. I’m sure you can tell what kind of character we got.

Fans also discussed the story arc’s antagonist, claiming that even shadowy wicked organizations require incentives for individuals to risk their lives for them, and the main fault with this comic is that we can’t see any motives for the demonic creatures to follow the big supervillain.

Touma, the main antagonist, is a yandere who wants to destroy anything that she sees as standing in the way of her and our main character, Setsu. I can’t envision their followers sharing their aim because their motives are extremely personal. And who would put their lives in danger for someone else’s romantic insanity? So that’s a massive plothole: these minions end up dying allegiance to their boss for no obvious cause. 

The overall average rating is given by fans to The Summoned to Another World… Again?! stands around 2/10 for the story, 4/10 for the art, 2/10 for the main character, and 2/10 for the entire plot of the story arc. Fand expects something different and better from Isekai Shōkan wa Nidome Desu 

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