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Forged in Fire Season 7 Episode 15: ‘The Chinese War Sword’ Online Streaming And Preview Details

Forged in Fire Season 7 is back with Episode 15. The premise of this episode deals with four smiths getting ready for a cage match when they are tasked with not only freeing their tools from a steel grate. They also have to forge a knife from it. After opting for canister, the competitors fight the clock and heat in an attempt to turn in a great blade to the judges. After a relentless round of testing, the two remaining smiths head home to recreate a Chinese War Sword. Which smith will forge a blade worthy for battle, earning the Forged in Fire title, and $100,000?

Forged in Fire Season 7 Episode 15 Release Details and Time

Forged in Fire, episode 15 returns today on. It is called ‘The Chinese War Sword’ and it will air on History Channel, in the US at 9:00 pm. Talent,¬†Reality, and Competition are the genres Forged in Fire belongs to. The runtime of the upcoming episode is 45 minutes.

Forged in Fire Season 7 Episode 15 Streaming Details

Forged in Fire airs on History Channel, in the US at 9:00 pm, so you will be able to easily catch it on History in the US. After the show has finished airing, you can log onto the history’s website and tune in. Your other options are HULU, and iTunes.

The official synopsis of Forged In Fire defines it as a series in which each episode pits four master bladesmiths against each other as they create cutting-edge weapons that harken back to the past.