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Forky Asks a Question Season 2: Plot, Cast And Details

Forky Asks a Question Season 2
Forky Asks A Question Season 2

An animated mini-series produced by Pixar Animation Studios, Forky Asks a Question is a standalone series dedicated to the goofy toy character Forky. The show is directed by Bob Peterson and is Disney+ exclusive. The hero of the series, Forky, is the beloved spork from Pixar’s Toy Story franchise. He has a lot of light queries like What is Cheese? To in-depth questions like, What is Love?

He asks endless questions disturbing his other “Toy Story” friends, which amuses viewers of all age categories. The series has earned 80% ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, and it was first premiered in November 2019.

Forky Asks a Question Season 2

Forky Asks a Question Season 2

What is Forky Asks a Question Season 2 Plot?

Our hero Forky shoots questions of varied types to his peers throughout the series forming the subject matter of the show. His questions include the definition of time, the concept of love, and the meaning of cheese.  Forky, with his squiggly little face, does not wish to accept himself and considers himself as trash. His questions also include sincere inquiries like-

What is Life? Why are we alive? Is Time Travel Real? Why Are Bees dying at an alarming rate? Why do bad things happen to good people?

His endless questions in every ten-minute episode of the series keep bothering his buddies throughout. Most of the time, he gets more confused after receiving the answers. But the best part is, Forky does not think himself to be trash anymore. The cobbled up creature takes up the mission to discover the mysteries of the world.

Who is in Forky Asks a Question Season 2 Cast?

The voiceover artists make the animated series come alive throughout the fun and engaging content. Tony Hale provides the voice to lead character Goofy. John Ratzenberger gives voice to Hanim. Wallace Shawn gives voice to Rex, the dinosaur, and so on.

When is Forky Asks a Question Season 2 update?

If the creators decide to renew the mini-series for a second season, we can likely see that streaming on Disney+ around November 2020. Stay on Otakukart for the latest updates.