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Mulan Live-Action Reboot: Updates So Far

Disney in March of last year announced that it would be postponing the release of its live-action remake of the movie Mulan. Mulan is an epic-animated adventure movie of 1998 and has by far remained one of the most unconventional Disney princess storylines. In August 2018 we saw the first look of the live-action Mulan version by Disney. In this one, Liu Yifei stars as Mulan, the princess, in the starring role. Production began last August and took place in China and New Zealand.

Mulan Live-Action Story

The story of Mulan is the most revered folk-tales in China and us being taught in Chinese Schools to date. Mulan, the legendary adventurer’s story revolves around masquerading as a man to fight the Northern Invaders attacking China. Mulan is the eldest daughter of Hua Jun, a warrior himself. She steps forward to take her father’s place when the Chinese emperor decrees that one man per family must serve in the Chinese Imperial Army.

Mulan Live-Action Trailer

Mulan Live-Action Cast

The cast of Mulan includes Jet Li, Cheng Pei-Pei, Donnie Yen, Tzi Ma. Benders Bender, Jason Reed, and Jake Weiner serve as producers of Mulan whereas Barrie M. Osborne, Tim Coddington, and Bill Long serve as executive producers. Mulan is directed by a female filmmaker Niki Caro.

Disney hired a bunch of Chinese consultants on the project as the director herself isn’t Chinese. The team of consultants is to assist in cultural elements in the movie. A Hong Kong producer Bill Kong will also assist in the same and will help accurately in the portrayal of characters in Mulan, the live-action movie.

Mulan update

Mulan will be released on March 27, 2020, in The US.