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The OA Season 2: Spoilers, Plot Details, And Air Date

The digital giant Netflix released Season 2 of OA with 8 whole episodes coming out this December. Mostly with Netflix, all episodes came out on the same day, so with OA Season 2, all episodes came out in December 2016. Tbh it’s been long and now since Season 2 has happened, though Netflix long did confirm that Season 2 is a sure shot. Tbh The OA is one of those Shows that was well received without too much effort into promotion.

The whole premise of OA is quite interesting if you ask me. OA is dealt with the story of supernatural mystery which follows the story of the lead, Prairie Johnson (who is portrayed by Brit Marling, who by the way also the creator of the show). The story begins with a young woman who has been missing and out of the blue moon, she returns home after an odd 7-year disappearance. But plot twist kicks when you know the woman who returned was blind at the time of her disappearance and regained her eyesight.

More astonishing is the fact that Netflix has come out with the teaser trailer of OA back in February of 2017. This teaser doesn’t give away much except you see some sort of a cloud of smoke and add to that a voiceover from Prairie. Also the fact that she’s repeating Homer’s name over and over again, without again.

It was last year, in the month of January that filming for OA Season 2 started and if reports are to be believed, the shooting is done and dusted with back in May of 2019. As regards theof OA, it’s been reported that it should be out anytime in March 2019, and the specifichas been announced which is 22nd March.

So far as the cast of OA Season 2 is concerned, we know for a fact that Marling is sure to be back in her role as Prairie, Jason Isaacs will portray his character, Dr. Hunter ‘Hap’ Percy. It was in May 2018 that Percy announced via his a Twitter account, that he had finished filming his scenes part for season two. For now, nothing beyond the teaser for Season 2 is out, more as we have it.

Updated on 20 March 2019:

We are now too near to the release of the season, as the second season is supposed to release on 22 March. It means we are just some hours away from watching the fan-favorite show of Netflix. The fans were waiting for this moment since a long time, as the first season released which was binge-watched by fans and they could not help themselves but to ask for more!

The show premiered back in 2016, and we are going to get a second season in 2019, which is really interesting. The show has also been called as one of the most mysterious shows on Netflix, and it deserves it for sure! The official extended trailer was also released a couple of weeks ago, which is linked below, take a look!