Money Heist Season 4 Ending Explained: Does Alicia Kill The Professor?

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Money Heist Season 4

Everyone has been waiting for the fourth season, and now the fourth season is out already, and I am sure all the fans will already be watching the episodes, or might have already completed them. Nonetheless, we will be dropping tons of spoilers in this post, so if you have not completed the fourth part of Money Heist, you better not read ahead, or you might regret it. However, for those who are okay with spoilers, are welcome to read the post ahead. So, let’s get started!

Money Heist Season 4 Ending Explained

Money Heist part 4 was a mix of everything, there were emotional moments, as well as the some moment which led everyone think about what did they actually see. It has been like that for a long time, as all the first three installments were all about the Professor’s well-planned heists which would just shock everyone, and manage to surprise everyone. Till the end, it would look like their plan is not going right or something similar, but then we get to know it was never their plan!

Similarly this time, we have seen the Professor making plans and thinking of heists, which eventually landed them in the Bank of Spain. We knew that they have been planning to steal the 90 tons of gold from the Bank, as well as they have to rescue Rio. He was captured by the officials, and has been tortured ever since. To do so, we saw everyone doing their part, and even the Professor and Lisbon were running away, when they both had to separate.

On the other hand, we see Nairobi (Alba Flores) getting a shot on her chest immediately making her faint. She was tricked by Alicia Sierra, a cop who convinced her that they had her son. So, we did not know whether she succumbed to her injury or survived, but then we saw her making out alive. Tokyo helps her and gets to a doctor in Pakistan, and manages to heal her. But then, who knew that she was destined to die in this season, as sixth episode featured a bank security personnel who killed Nairobi.

Everyone was devastated, and it was questionable whether the series would be the same without her, as Nairobi and Berlin are the key characters of the show! Also, one thing that we need to notice is the whole story started as Tokyo was trying to tell this story to her inmates, and it started scaring everyone. Because at the end of the fourth part, we see Alicia Sierra holding a gun behind the Professor, and she is a fierce policewoman, and she won’t think twice before pressing the trigger. However, she was pregnant, so it would be interesting to see whether she manages to kill everyone, or the opposite is what we see later!

There are tons of theories available across the cyberspace, and we are not sure which to believe currently. But seeing Tokyo depict the story from her prison cell makes us believe that something tragic happened! So, we will wait for another season to come out.

Money Heist Part 4 is streaming now on Netflix!

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