Lost in Space Season 3 Renewal, Episodes, and Cast Details

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Lost in Space Season 3

Lost in Space Season 2 was very well received by the fans, and fans are already looking for a third season. We have got you covered with all the information andupdate on Lost in Space Season 3. The plot of the show describes it as, “Stranded light-years from their destination, the Robinson family must come together to survive. A new drama series based on the 1960s sci-fi classic.”

Will there be a Lost in Space Season 3?

Lost in Space Season 3

It has now been confirmed by Netflix that we will be getting a third season for Lost in Space. This has also been confirmed that the third season will be the last season, we will not be getting any more seasons. Co-writer Burk Sharpless has already confirmed the third season in an interview with a private news agency, he said, “They kind of let you write on it and then they don’t give you the green light until after the show comes out,” said co-writer Burk Sharpless. “But it’s pretty good so they’re gonna,” he added.

We can see the amount of confidence in him, so the third season will surely be coming out.

When is Lost in Space season 3 update?

Lost in Space Season 3 will be releasing on Netflix in Fall 2021. This is because the first season was released in April 2018 and the second season came out in December 2019. Therefore, it takes a long time for a season of Lost in Space to complete. Hence, we need to wait for a considerable time to see another season. And sadly, we don’t think that the next season would come out before 2021. Nevertheless, we are still waiting for an official confirmation to get more details about it.

Lost in Space Season 3 Renewal Status: Renewed (March 9, 2020)
Lost in Space Season 3 Production Status: Pending (April 15, 2020)


Lost in Space season 3 will not be releasing anytime soon because of the coronavirus pandemic. All the studious and production houses have halted their work as of now, and it will not resume anytime soon. On March 9, 2020, Lost in Space was renewed for a third and final season, and right after the Coronavirus Pandemic picked up pace around the world and as a result all work came to halt.

 Lost in Space Season 3 update
Lost in Space Season 2 Poster

Filming and productions are yet to start, the first season was released after 9 months after the production was finished. Following that the second season was released after 10 months after the production of the show was finished, and if we follow that for the third season. We are expecting at least Fall 2021 to early 2022for the Lost In Space Season 3.

We are going toyou once the official production status are confirmed.

Who is the Cast of Lost in Space Season 3?

While we do not know what happens in the second season, it is hard to confirm who will be in the second season. But if there is no major death in the second season, we might see the following cast again:

Lost in Space Season 3 update
Lost in Space
  • Molly Parker as Maureen Robinson
  • Toby Stephens as John Robinson
  • Maxwell Jenkins as Will Robinson
  • Taylor Russell as Judy Robinson
  • Mina Sundwall as Penny Robinson
  • Ignacio Serricchio as Don West
  • Parker Posey as June Harris / Dr. Smith
  • Brian Steele as the Robot

Is there a trailer for Lost in Space Season 3?

As of now, there is no trailer for Lost in Space Season 3, we will get our hands on trailer by Fall 2020 to early 2021, we willyou for the same.


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