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Legend of Awakening Episode 19 & 20 – Streaming Details

Legend of Awakening Episode 19 & 20

Lu Ping escaped the wicked forces of Shanhai Tower to discover his spiritual identity in Legend of Awakening for his moment of enlightenment. This drama has returned for its second week of broadcast. Despite its few days from its debut, Legend of Awakening has released a lot of episodes at once. This is because this show has  4 broadcast slots every week which releases two episodes each day, so every week, there are 8 new episodes.

With me here I have the latest developments and updates about Legend of Awakening episode 19 & 20 streaming details. This season is scheduled for 48 episodes which will each run for 45 minutes. So we are almost half of the first season. Take a look at our latest news below.

When Is Legend of Awakening Episdoe 19 & 20 update?

Legend of Awakening episode 19 & 20 will be released on Friday, 1 May 2020 at 20:00 Chinese Standard Time (CST). New episodes are broadcasted every Thursday to Sunday on iQiyi Youki and Tv Mango Chinese local television channels. Each of these days comes with a double episode so new episodes are released very fast. For those of you who are outside China and are unable to access it on tv, take a look at the latest streaming details below.

Where To Watch and Stream Legend of Awakening Episode 19 & 20?

Legend of Awakening

Legend of Awakening

You will be able to stream Legend of Awakening episodes 19 & 20 online on Rakuten Viki online streaming website. New episodes are available in English subtitles as soon as they finish their broadcast in China. Episode 19 will be immediately followed by episode 20 when it is broadcasted so you will also be able to watch from the first episode up to the latest episodes online all in English subtitles. Take a look at more details about the upcoming episodes below.

When Will Legend of Awakening Episode 20 & 21 Release?

After Legend of Awakening episode 19 & 20, Legend of Awakening episode 20 & 21 will follow on the next day. This drama schedule runs every week from Thursday till Sunday so Legend of Awakening episode 20 & 21 will be next in line as soon as tomorrow’s episodes are released. This means that Legend of Awakening Episode 20 & 21 will be broadcasted on Saturday. Take a look at the drama’s latest updates below.

More Updates About Legend of Awakening 

As soon as new episodes of Legend of Awakening are released we will be bringing you more updates as new episodes usually come with more news. Don’t forget to check out our home page as we always have the latest news about Asian dramas. We have news about the ongoing and upcoming show and I’m sure you are likely to find one of your favorite shows there or maybe a new show you can watch. That’s all the updates we have, for now, let us meet again after the next episodes are broadcasted for the latest updates.