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Westworld Season 3: Trailer Revealed, Details

Game of Thrones ended its stint on HBO, but that doesn’t mean the network has to stop with wanting audiences to glued to itself. Just hours after Game of Thrones aired its finale episode ‘The Iron Throne’ on HBO, the network released the first trailer of Westworld with Aaron Paul at the center stage. You may remember Aaron Paul’s Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad and his seller chemistry with Heisenberg aka Walter White. HBO sure knows the art of keeping its audiences coming back for more.

In the first trailer for Westworld season 3, Aaron sure looks like the main protagonist trying to figure things out in this season. Many have touted Westworld to be a successor to Game of Thrones. It is probably HBO’s big-budgeted series, after Thrones, not that we are saying anything ever could match the aplomb of Game of Thrones.

Westworld season 1 aired in 2016, Season 2 made it to our screens in 2018 and now after a much longer break, Season 3 will be soon here. It is all slated to return to our screens in 2020. In the trailer, you see another face besides Paul, Kid Cudi. Pink Floyd plays in the trailer as Aaron’s character appears to be looking for something “real.” Dolores fans, worry not, we get to see her glimpses throughout the trailer too, but mostly it’s about Aaron Paul’s character which is her to be named. Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan anchor season 3. Here watch the trailer below:

Aaron’s character appears to be disturbed in the show; it talks about making a better world, something about rough edges that he’s hanging onto. Nolan for Season 3 said that Dolores would have a “larger set of goals” because she had transcended into the real world. She sure doesn’t like humans, and we have seen her in some violent scenes, shooting humans and dragging them out of the car, in the trailer. She also runs into Aaron’s character in what appears to be a tunnel. More as we have it.