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Shinji Takamatsu Criticizes the Current State of Japan Anime Industry – Funding From China

Shinji Takamatsu is a popular director in the Japanese anime industry right now and has a lot of anime productions under his belt. He has worked on successful projects such as Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! As well as Robihachi. In recent times, he has gone on to make a very controversial tweet regarding the condition of the anime industry right now. This statement of his has been garnering a mixed response from the people with many debating about whether his claims are right or wrong. In this tweet, the director was discussing the influence which China has on the anime industry as well as all the production schedules which take place. Of course, there is a sentiment of truth in his sentence because we can see that he is experienced and knows a lot better about what happens on the inside of production.

According to him, Shinji reveals that the production period of anime these days is quite long because of all the precautions which the crew has to follow before getting together to make an anime show. This is why, he said, it is pretty difficult to anticipate what could happen while making an anime. Also, he said that the time gets even busier when the broadcasting month is on. All this while, he also mentioned the fact that there are times these days when the creators have to deliver all the episodes of anime at once but the main reason behind it gets a little tricky. The creators have to send off the anime to China with all of its episodes because they have to check the content. This process has to happen at least 3 months before the broadcast is going to be on the television. As per Shinji, they are compelled to this task because of the fact that the areas where it is quite difficult to get profit from the inside, the creators have to sell the content internationally.

RobiHachi- anime by Shinji Takamatsu

Shinji Takamatsu Reveals About The China Content Check

This is where Shinji went on to describe how this China influence is affecting him a lot. He disclosed about his upcoming projects which will be in the fall next year as well as one is scheduled for the year after that. Subtly, the director made his point by saying that this is all going to create a strain on the schedule. Also, he mentioned how the creators are not able to deliver the shoe according to their will because of the content check from China as they have to deliver the episodes keeping an early deadline of three months. Shinji also stated that because of this, the original creators of the anime are not able to do business with the show. These are really some of the legit problems which are being faced by our beloved anime sector. Also, major appraisal to Shinji Takamatsu who has gathered the strength and uploaded his honest views on social media regarding how he feels about the whole content check from China.

If you guys are wondering about who this director is, even though he probably needs no introduction, Shinji Takamatsu is a Japanese storyboard artist as well as a screenwriter and a director who is 59 years in age right now. He has worked on a variety of popular projects such as the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise. His most recent work includes the direction of the Japanese anime series called RobiHachi which came out back in 2019. This is one of those fun-loving anime to watch when you are tired and would not want to get into a deep thriller series. Now, Robi Hachi throws light on Tokaidochu Hizakurige who is a silly but fun robot who has come from the future. This anime is surely futurist but limits its tale to a format that was generally explored in the 1970s. There are 12 episodes of this anime series that are available to watch on Funimation right now. Other works of the director include the anime Cute High Earth Defense Club Love. Its story is all about a mysterious animal which has landed on the planet while our main characters, that is, Atushi well as En were taking bath. Shinji has never failed to serve us the anime content which we never knew we needed.

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