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My Wonderful Life Episode 13 update and Streaming Details

My Wonderful Life

In week day’s we will focus on the latest updates of the Asian drama called My Wonderful Life. This drama is also known as My Perfect Life, My Glorious Life,  or My Brilliant Life. This is the story about two lovers who are fighting for different things in their life. The husband wants power and money while the wife will do anything to protect and take care of her kids.

Cha Ban took Bok Hee’s truck and asks her to sign the divorce papers. If she does not sing he told her that he will take over the custody of their children Gi Eun Ha and  Gi Eun Soo. Bok Hee gets a temporary job as a chauffeur and assistant housekeeper at Mrs. Jo’s house. Bok Hee goes to the market to buy vegetables for Se Ra’s birthday,  with  Mrs. Jo joins her.

Chairman Ko told Sang Ah that he must discuss every matter about the company with Si Kyung, and Sang Ah gets extremely angry. Suddenly Eun Su’s leg gets burned and  Bok Hee secretly moves her kids to Chairman Ko’s house. Si Kyung helps Bok Hee prepare Se Ra’s birthday party. Bok Hee and the children get to live together in the basement of Choong’s house.

My Wonderful Life

My Wonderful Life

Sang Ah plans something in secret and influences others in the company to do things the way she is doing. Meanwhile, Se Ra, Eun Su, and Eun Ha develop a friendship as they play together. Sang Ah finally talked about the secret that she is doing in the company.

My Wonderful Life Episode 13 update and Streaming Details

My Wonderful Life episode 13 will be released on Wesnesday, 15 July 2020 at 19:15 Korean Standard Time. New episodes are released every weekday on the local Korean tv channel MBC. The episodes are exclusively broadcasted on local channels before they can be available on other streaming platforms for streaming. So for those who are unable to watch the new episode on Tv channel, they can access the episode by streaming online. You can use the official streaming details below if you are an international viewer.

You will be able to watch My Wonderful life online on the Rakuten Viki streaming website. All episodes of the show are available for streaming with English subtitles up until the least broadcasted episode. So to get the next episode as soon as it is released, you will have to wait when it finishes its local broadcast as it will be uploaded for all viewers to watch. You can visit the website daily so that you cannot miss any latest episode.

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