BTS and Coldplay Collab: Big Hit Responds To The Rumors

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Bts and Coldplay collab
BTS and Coldplay to collab? Big Hit responds.

BTS and Coldplay collab has been rumored for the past month. Fans are speculating if the two boy bands are working on music together. Moreover, recently Coldplay released a new track, “My Universe,” which supposedly has BTS’s Junkook’s vocals in it. Many fans believe the same. Thus, BTS’s entertainment agency, Big Hit, has released a statement to clear all the rumors. Hence, the fans will get their answers once for all. Unfortunately, Big Hit’s announcement is not clear and does not solve our queries. But, it does not mean we cannot get the BTS and Coldplay collab. Let’s find out what Big Hit Music has to say about the rumors.

Bts and Coldplay collab
BTS covering Coldplay’s “Fix You” on MTV Unplugged in February.

The rumors of BTS and Coldplay began once again after the British band dropped their new song, “My Universe.” After the lyrics of “My Universe” were posted on a website, fans started to speculate about the collab. The lyrics of the song have a Korean element in them, which provoked the fans further.

Big Hit Music on BTS and Coldplay Collab

Big Hit Music released a statement and said, “they cannot confirm the news” at the moment. The label asked the fans to be corporate with them. It looks the company does not want to disclose the news yet. In April, Coldplay’s frontman, Chris Martin, arrived in South Korea to promote the band’s new song. Back then, the fans believed that there is potential to see BTS and Coldplay working together. However, Martin chose not to answer about it when asked about the BTS collab in an interview.

BTS has previously covered Coldplay’s Fix You during the MTV unplugged Presents. And the quartet also reacted to their performance by tweeting it as “beautiful.” A merger between Coldplay and BTS will be a blessing to music lovers. And we will make sure to update you as soon as any information drops.

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Categorized as Mixed News

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