MTG Commander 2019 At Gen Con: Top Reveals

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The top Gen Con MTG Commander reveals have just almost arrived. Some of them are underway, and some of them have been revealed, four to be precise. These four commanders are for preconstructed decks constructed around MTG mechanics.

So every deck that you see, is built around a special kind of mechanic—either Madness, Flashback, Populate, or Morph. And every preconstructed deck has a reprinted planeswalker.

Here’s a detailed look at the decks:
1. Madness: for this deck, you pay with the cost of mana. This is a twisted version of spectacle in the standard. The game says that if this card is discarded, you can cast it for its madness cost, and not just put it in your graveyard.

Anje: Screengrab via [](
2. Flashback: the second deck is about casting cards from the graveyard. You can cast this card from your graveyard for its Flashback cost, then exile it.

Sevvine Chronoclas
Sevvine Chronoclas: Screengrab via [](
3. Populate: this is the third deck, that lets you flood the board and go wide going wide the help of tokens. With this deck, your board state can be increased, and you can make a copy of a creature token. You can use this token straight onto the battlefield, and it is a copy of a creature token that you control.

Ghired Conclve
Ghired Conclave: Screengrab via [](
4. Morph: this deck can be used to ramp creatures onto the battlefield, by reducing their initial spell cost. You can cast this face down as a two/two creature (for three). You can also turn it face up anytime for its Morph cost.

Kadena Slinking
Kadena Slinking: Screengrab via [](
The rest of the four MTG preconstructed deck, that is the Faceless Menace (Kadena, Slinking Sorcerer), Mystic Intelect (Sevinne, the Chronoclasm), Primal Genisis (Ghired, Conclave Exile), and Merciless Rage (Anje Falkenrath—will release with Commander 2019 on this month -August 23.

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