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Shadowverse Episode 22 update, Preview, and Spoilers


Hiiro Ryugasaki attends Tensei Academy, Hiiro Ryugasaki ends up using a mysterious smartphone. The smartphone has a popular card game installed in it. The game card is called Shadowverse, Hiiro Ryugasaki started meeting with new rivals, facing major tournaments, forging bonds with friends. The game card leads Hiiro to different kinds of experiences.

Shadowverse adds new sets every three months. The game launched with the first set of Basic cards that were automatically added to new accounts or earned through the story mode. It also includes the Standard set known as Classic obtained from card packs. There is also a number of promotional cards that have been released.

Today’s post is about Shadowverse Episode 22 update, preview, and a summary. For you not to miss any updates or episodes of this Anime. You can use the weekly release schedule of Shadowverse to get new updates and episodes as soon as they are released. Take a look below.

Shadowverse will be released on Tuesday, 8 September 2020, at 5:55 PM JST. Keep in mind that every Tuesday you will get a new episode of this Anime. Watch out for the spoilers of the upcoming episodes when you continue. Take a look at the summary and preview below.



Shadowverse Summary

The cards are obtained through deferent methods. These cards are cosmetic replacements for existing cards; they do not have a unique gameplay function. One card set will be released once every 3 months. Since the Chronogenesis expansion arrives, a new class was added to the game, Portalcraft with 42 Portalcraft cards included in the Chronogenesis expansion.

Portalcraft cards have continued to be added to each expansion at the same rate as that of one of the original classes. Cygames has been releasing additional mini-expansions in between each normal expansion release. The mini-expansions contain a new gold card for all eight classes and a new legendary card for all classes with the exception of Neutral. The mini-expansion cards can also be crafted with vials.

Shadowverse matches are organized between two players taking turns playing cards from their deck. Each player has a leader with 20 defense. The player also has three free cards for starting the game. The first player has two evolution points, and the second player has three evolution points. The evolution can be used can one turn earlier, and draws an extra card at the player’s first turn.

The player can win by decreasing the other player’s defense to 0 or get a win via certain cards like Enstatued Seraph or a Victory Card by playing Spartacus. The player can also win when opponent cards from the deck are finished. Each player utilizes the Play Point resource to play cards. The players begin with zero play point orbs and gain one play point orb at the beginning of the game with a limit of 10 points.

Shadowverse Episode 22 Preview

You can get more episodes and updates of Shadowverse on this link This week we manage to offer you all of the above updates. For more the will be available for you next week after the release of episode 22.

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