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American Horror Story Season 9 Episode 8: Streaming, Preview And Spoilers

Creator Ryan Murphy has teased Episode 8 would be the biggest ever tease of American Horror Story. It will set the plot rolling for the upcoming Season 10.

Here is the promo for the same:

Here are few essential details on American Horror Story, Season 9 Episode 8:

Network: FX
Start Time: 9 pm Central
Episode: Season 9, Episode 8, ‘Rest In Pieces’,
Live Stream: Episodes will also be available on Hulu + Live TV.

The tenth season of American Horror Story is already renewed. Ryan Murphy gave an interview with TV Guide at the FX anthology series saying that so far Season 9 hasn’t mentioned anything regarding Season 10. And they aim to change all of this in the eighth episode. Murphy asked the audiences to keep watching as there will probably be a big hint in Episode 8.

AHS Season 9: to air episode 8 tonight.

We can’t say for sure what Ryan Murphy is hinting towards, because earlier we had felt that Season 10 would be all about the Winchester Mystery House, a real-life home in San Jose, California, that housed Sarah Winchester.

Episode 8 is titled “Rest In Pieces,” and it is all set to air on FX on Wednesday, November 6. It will air as the penultimate episode of the shortened 9th season. According to the official synopsis of the show, a deadly trio will emerge, that shall be hell-bent on unleashing a new era at Camp Redwood. The ex counselors will try their level best to keep history from repeating itself.