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My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapter 155: Spoilers

My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapter 155 update and Spoilers

In this article, we are going to talk about My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapter 155 Spoilers. Chapter 154 was recently released on the 5th of December 2019. This is where Xiang Ye and Isabella were spending some time together as she prepared some porridge for Xiang Ye, Although the porridge was horrible, they ended up discussing their next move as Xiang Ye has already won the tournament and obtained the rank of the officer. This means that he will be able to enter and leave the Kingdom anytime he wishes. Isabella then told him that she intends to return to the demon tribe.

This novel simply follows the life of a powerless Xiang Ye, who is entrusted to look after Isabella, the fallen demon Queen. As she is now depleted of her powers, she disguises herself as a human to suppress her regal status. Some evil masterminds are plotting to dethrone her as she is a powerful demon queen in the medieval fantasy land.

As revealed in Chapter 155, it might look like Isabella intends to bring Xiang Ye with her. Because the moment he acquired the status to move in and out of the kingdom, then she brought this is up. It is not a surprising plan, though, as Chapter 155 will reveal what she intends to do while she is over there. And since she was talking about returning, it might mean that she intends to stay for a long time over there. The novel releases a new chapter every 3 days. So this means that Chapter 155 release will be on the 10th of December 2019.