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Toei Release New Major Update On Dragon Ball Super Season 2

Toei Dragon Ball Super Return

Just a few hours earlier, the news about Dragon Ball Super’s return shook the entire anime world. This month seemed to get better and better for the Dragon Ball fans. Everything seemed to be getting better until now. It seems that the news is not true. The news about Dragon Ball Super’s return was posted by International media news website World Screen.

They had posted a spotlight on Toei Animation, and it said that the company is “making more episodes of Dragon Ball Super.” But, Toei Animation has denied it. While speaking to ANN, Toei Animation stressed that they hadn’t “mentioned or announced” more episodes of Dragon Ball Super. They also told that the report “is not true at this moment.”

Toei Dragon Ball Super Return

Vegeta and Goku

Even though Toei has dismissed the reports, I firmly believe that Toei will soon be making an official announcement related to the anime. So, I don’t think this is a reason for panic. I would advise the fans to stay calm and wait for more information to be released.

Dragon Ball Super premiered in July 2015 in Japan on Fuji and several other channels. The series was ended in March 2018, and it was replaced by GeGeGe no Kitarō. If you have read the manga of Dragon Ball Super, then you would know that the manga’s story has gone past the anime’s.

The Dragon Ball Super: Broly film is also set after the events of the anime. The movie opened in Japan on December 14, and it was a major hit among the fans. A few days, a new Dragon Ball game was also announced. It would have been the perfect week for the Dragon Ball fans if Super’s return was 100% confirmed.

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