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Fortnite Laguna Skin Starter Pack:And Availability

The previously leaked starter pack for Fortnite which was called Laguna is very much a possibility. Not only that, the starter pack will have a bunch of brand new cosmetics for a set price and bonus V-bucks! This starter pack initially released in some countries on March 18, 2019. But now, it is available worldwide in-store. Today we’ll talk about that and much more.

In the previousof the game (V8.10), there were files that contained this Laguna Starter Pack contents. These Laguna leaks now we are seeing are a hundred percent accurate. There’s the same tropical themed thing going on. The amazing starter pack will have two pineapple inspired cosmetics plus a back-bling, and a wrap.

Now let’s detail further on the pineapple wrap and what it means. For starters it is self-explanatory. Pineapple skinned wrap it is and it comes with a back-bling pineapple strummer, which comes with a guitar and small quantity of some fruity insignia. As I said, there is isonus of 600 V-Bucks in the pack.

Now, let’s talk about the pricing of the Laguna Starter pack. This new skin which comes with the cosmetics is for £3.99 expected to be more on US digital stores at $4.99.

Laguna pack is available on PlayStation 4 and PC platforms but only in some countries. But the pack is yet to appear in the online store for the twin platforms of mobile and Nintendo Switch players.