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Mulan (2020) DVD, Blu-ray All You Need To Know

Mulan (2020) blu ray dvd update

Mulan is an American Action Drama film starring Liu Yifei and Donnie Yen, directed by Niki Caro and produced by Walt Disney the film is based on the Chinese folklore The Ballad Of Mulan which is the original animated movie released in 1998. Mulan (2020) is an adaption of the same movie. The film follows the story of a girl named Mulan, played by Liu Yifei, who served in the Chinese army by being a man in disguise. It is a heroic adventure to test her potential and transform herself into a Distinguished Warrior. There has been a lot of rumors, and speculations surfacing about the Mulan (2020) DVD update to save your trouble we have gathered all the recent updates regarding the Movie update so here is everything you need to know.

What is the plot of Mulan (2020)?

The film Mulan follows the story of a young girl named Mulan when the Chinese empire issues a declaration that from every family, one man should serve in the Chinese Army to defend china from Huns, Hua Mulan. The eldest daughter from a reputed warrior family steps in to take the place of her father to join the Imperial Chinese Army. She disguised as joined the army, and the story thereafter follows how she embarked on a heroic adventure to test her potential and transform herself into a Distinguished Warrior.

What is the cast of Mulan (2020)?

The Mulan(2020) is directed by Niki Caro and produced by Chris Bender, Tendo Nageda, John T. Reed, and Jake Weiner. The story is based on A woman soldier disguised as a male soldier volunteer herself in the Imperial Chinese Army in place of his sick Father. We have full cast details, which we will be sharing below.

  • Liu Yifei, as Mulan: The eldest daughter of Hua Zhou who also dares both culture and the government by disguising herself as a male soldier to volunteer herself in the Imperial Army in place of her sick father.
  • Crystal Rao as The young Mulan.
  • Donnie Yen as Commander Tung: A high ranked officer of the Imperial Army.
  • Jason Scott Lee as Bori Khan.
  • Yoson An as Chen Honghu.
  • Gong Li as Xian Lang
  • Jet Li as The Emperor of China
  • Tzi Ma, as Hua Zhou: Mulan’s father and a famed war vet, who is now reconvened to the Imperial Army despite his fragile health.
  • Rosalind Chao as Hua Li, Mulan’s mother, and Zhou’s wife.
  • Xana Tang as Hua Xiu, Mulan’s younger sister
  • Ron Yuan as Sergeant Qiang: A fiercely loyal second in command of the Imperial Chinese Army.
  • Jimmy Wong as Ling.
  • Chen Tang as Yao
  • Cheng Pei-Pei as The Matchmaker.
  • Utkarsh Ambudkar as Skaatch: A con artist and friend of Ramtiish.
  • Chum Ehelepola as Ramtiish.
  • Arka Das as Red Fez.
  • Jun Yu as Cricket: An archer.

Is there a Trailer?

Yes, we do have a trailer for you here it is.

update of Mulan (2020) DVD, Bluray

In the United States and the UK, the film was released 27th March 2020. The film has grossed approx 200$ Million. The Officially scheduled date for the DVD release is in June or July 2020. However, We will let you know if we receive any further updates regarding Mulan.

Streaming Details of Mulan (2020)

Mulan (2020) will be released on Blu-ray and DVD in June 2020. The film will be available for streaming on Amazon (DVD & Blu-ray), Netflix (DVD), Redbox (DVD rental), Amazon (instant video), and iTunes (digital stream) from Some time in June to July 2020. We will keep you posted if we receive any further updates regarding Mulan (2020).