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My Engineer Episode 11 Streaming Details

My Engineer

When two students start off as enemies who want only revenge against each other, Bohn, a popular engineering student and Duen a freshman in the medical department ended up developing a relationship that no one could have expected. My Engineer returns once again this time for its weekly broadcast schedule with new episodes.

In today’s post, I have the latest updates and developments about M Engineer episode 11 streaming details. This story features actors like Cooper Patpasit acting as Bohn, Py Kritsanapong as Duen amongst other supporting casts last they portray this relationship they developed from a mutual resentment and only ended up into something good.

Now Bohn started to bring Duen flowers every day for a month due to a bet they had that ended up with Boh losing and as compensation he has to do this errand for a month. This drama brings out the different side of each character and their journey with friends and relationships.

My Engineer is running for its first season that will have a total of 14 episodes so we are not that far from the ending of this short drama. It is releasing new episodes at quite a slow rate compared to other Asian dramas so it is taking its time. At least it is developing a story worthy of its fan base and has managed to gather good views as well. Take a look at our latest news below.

My Engineer

My Engineer Episode 11 update

My Engineer episode 11 will be released on Saturday, 09 May 2020 at 20:00 Thailand Standard Time. New episodes are always released every Saturday and are broadcasted on local Thai channels first. For those who are in Thailand, They will be able to watch My Engineer episode 11 on their local Tv channels and if you are an international viewer, you will have to use the official streaming details below.

International Viewers will be able to watch My Engineer episode 11 online on the Tencent Video website. You will be able to watch the latest episode with English subtitles as soon as they finish their local broadcast in Thailand. This is because new episodes are first broadcasted in Thailand before they can be available for the international audience. so you will have to wait for later on Saturday, Thailand Time, for the latest episodes online.

My Engineer has also received number of good reviews from its fan base. And with only 10 episodes broadcasted so far, this season will run for a total of 14 episodes. So when today’s episodes air we will only be left with 3 more episodes. Then this means that only three weeks of the show that will release only 3 episodes are left. So My Engineer will end its first season soon.

And about My Engineer season 2, we haven’t heard any updates, but since we are reaching the end of season 1 then we might get something. Well if anything, it might even get updates on this even on the last episode. So, for now, let us wait to see how things will go. Visit again for more updates as they are likely to happen in due time, let’s meet again soon.