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God of High School Episode 3 Preview, and Spoilers

God of High School

The officials inside the military base are watching the footage of an Island that is destroyed. A mark that looks like a leg of king kong is left there and one of the officials asked if the king-kong still exists. The other official replied that it must be Charyeok, suddenly the red alarm signal them that there is danger inside the building. The officials are trying to protect and evacuate the president.

While they are still trying to evacuate the president someone enters the building and the president asks him his name. The unknown guy said that he is from the Republic of Korea National Assembly and his name is Park Mujin. In this post, we are going to talk about¬† God of High School Episode 3 preview, and a recap. Let’s see what Mori will do down here.

God of High School Episode 3 update

God of High School Episode 3 will be released on Monday, 20 July 2020, at 11:30 PM JST. The new episode of God of High School is released every Monday. Note that this post may contain spoilers of the next episode, so proceed with caution. Let me take you at more details about this anime below.

God of High School

God of High School

Previously on God of High School Episode 2

After an amazing performance from their first-round martial arts tournament from GOH School. Mori, Han Daewi, and Mira are going to participate in another round. Mori wants to defeat all the guys he is going to face and get stronger. Mira wants to retrieve her family’s sword Dojo and Han wants money to treat someone from the hospital. The second round of the tournament has begun.

The tournament is taking place in KORGA Arena, Seol Preliminaries tournament arena. The fighters that are going to make it to the end of today’s tournament will be granted permission to participate in the National GOH School Tournament. It is filled with strongest fighters from across the country. Yoo Mira versus Han Daechul, Mira shows great performance and how strong she is.

She defeated Daechul by using a sword style in a single hit. Mori versus the Beast, Mori also defeated the beast using taekwondo with punches in a single blow. Mah Mseon defeated Woo and Baek Suengchul snatch a victory over Yoo Sangmin. Han Daewi uses one punch to smash Yes Man. Mori wants to fight Mira in his next fight.

Go Gamdo fight using Tai chi with a strong unknown man who fights using one hand hide the other one. Go Gamdo uses Tai Chi Technique: Rabbits Step, Dragon’s Strike, and Drago Hoen Divine Weight that send the strong guy to the stage. The referee started counting and he came back stronger. The strong guy started beating Go Gamdo like a baby and when he is bleed he told him that he must apologize.

Go Gamdo refuses to apologize and the strong guy wanted to kill him but Mori interferes and kicks him out of the ring. While they are still fighting Park Murjin appears and stops them using his power and he announces that they are going to be punished for their actions. Park Murjin is the head of tournament administration.

God of High School Episode 3 Preview