Hearthstone Expansions of Saviors of Uldum: Top 5 Legendaries’ Reveals Made So Far

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The most recent Hearthstone expansions – Saviors of Uldum, is all about players coming into the desert in order to fight off the League of E.V.I.L.

As a player, you will get a massive 135 new cards to utilize. But the newly introduced mechanics and trials, are the highlight of the Hearthstone Expansions. So, if you have to go on Quests that will increase Hero Power or the mummies of the show, that never will die, Saviors of Uldum is a great game to play. About a total of 40 cards aren’t revealed in the set yet, but the Legendary cards are a treat to utilize.

Following are the top 5 cards to use in Saviors of Uldum.

1. High Priest Amet: this card is all about Who health on their minions. You can also turn the Dead Ringer into a 2/7, if you are on board. As a priest, you have access to the best minions in the game, very difficult to kill and hence challenging.

High Priest Amet
High Priest Amet.

2. Anka the Buried: with this card, you can build a deck around mummies and turn all Deathrattle minions into combo pieces. Anka isn’t as flashy as other Legendaries in the set, nevertheless, the empty crevice where his heart once used to be, is where the flash is.

Anka, The Buried
Anka, The Buried.

3. Siamat: this is the powerful most Neutral Legendary in the set. You can use it if you need a six-mana value minion. Rush and Windfury, when utilized will let this genie kill anything. The centerpiece of this deck is Siamat, and it needs some health/survival.


4. King Phaoris: you can use this deck card, to your fancy. It is dumb but that just makes you love it more and more. You have Pyroblasts or Flamestrikes within your hand? You will get immense value for it.

King Phaoris
King Phaoris.

5. Armagedillo: this card is helpful for decks that like Taunt minions. An Armagedillo with a laser beam on it’s back is what Hearthstone gifted us to torture enemies in the game.


Alright, guys that was our the list of the top 5, what’s yours? Let us know down below.

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