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Star Wars Squadron update Confirmed

Star Wars Squadron update
Star Wars Squadron Still

Star Wars Squadrons is a flight simulation game that takes place in space. The initial announcement about the game was leaked on June 15, 2020, through a visual trailer. In recent times many video game development companies are working on developing action-based games using advanced computer technologies. It was officially announced that the game will be made available in most of the leading game console hardware applications. The game is available for  Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. These are the gaming consoles that are used by millions of gamers around the world. It’s expected that the game might reach other gaming consoles in the upcoming days. Most of the gaming sequence of the game takes place in Star Wars. The video game is developed by Motive Studios which is a game development company that has considerable experience in developing simulation games. The story of the game is announced to have many connections with Return of the Jedi.

Gameplay starts with the players gaining access over the war whips which is belonged to the Galactic Empire. As soon as they take over the control of these ships there are provided with the control option to navigate and use weapons that stored inside the ships for defense purposes. Along with the Galactic empire ships, they also acquire ships from the New Republic navy. During the initial stage of the gameplay, ships from the Galactic Empire lack an option to have a protective shield. This will give more space for the players to compete with similar players in the war field. The gameplay is designed in such a way that the player will be unlocking the weapons and other amenities through the experience. The Player gets more information about the ship through the infotainment system that’s placed inside the ship. This option can be called through the keyboard shortcut options.

Star Wars Squadron update

Star Wars Squadron Still

When Is Star Wars Squadrons update?

Star Wars Squadrons released on October,02,2020.  The game was made available to all the gaming consoles on the same day. It was leaked that there might be a slight delay in the update of the video game later it was released as announced by the development. Many might have already experienced Star Wars Squadrons for those who wish to play the flight simulation video game can download from the internet.

Star Wars Squadron comes with the two types of modes which provide more access for the players in taking control of the battle field. It was announced that the game will have two multiplayer modes along with the single-player mode. The two multiplayer mode players can combine with the other participant in attacking the enemy warships whereas, in the single-player mode, it allows only one player to go against the enemies. The game is split into there stages, each with different gaming options and controls. The three-stages of the game are the story, Dogfight, and Fleet Battles. The story of the game happens after completing the  Battle of Endo. The story explains about the two pilots each from different squads respectively. The Empire’s Titan Squadron and New Republic’s Vanguard Squadron are the two squads from which the pilots come from.

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