Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 12: ‘Real Steel’, Preview, Online Stream

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Nate and Steel from Power Rangers went onto become one of the most fascinating pair on the show. Their relationship dynamics have long continued to impress the audiences. So tonight’s episode is just about that.

Beast Morphers is actually Episode 26×12. It is written by Judd Lynn and directed by Ric Pellizzeri. As per the official synopsis, Nate and Steel unexpectedly clash, which leads to double trouble for the team. Here check out the preview for tonight’s episode which centers on the relationship dynamic between Nate and Steel.

Beast Morphers Episode 12: Cast
Rorrie D. Travis – Devon Daniels (Beast Morphers Red)
Jasmeet Baduwalia – Ravi Shaw (Beast Morphers Blue)
Jacqueline Scislowski – Zoey Reeves (Beast Morphers Yellow)
Abraham Rodriguez – Nate Silva (Beast Morphers Gold)/Fake Nate Silva
Jamie Linehan – Steel (Beast Morphers Silver) (voice)/Fake Steel
Kelson Henderson – Cruise (voice)
Randall Ewing – Evox (voice)
Colby Strong – Blaze
Liana Ramirez – Roxy (credit only)
Campbell Cooley – Scrozzle (voice)
Kristina Ho – Betty Burke
Cosme Flores – Ben Burke
Teuila Blakely – Commander Shaw
Amber-Rose Henshall – Technician
Hamish McGregor – Clonetron (Voice)
Daniel Watterson – Copier Man

Power Rangers
Power Rangers Season 2: Beast Morphers is out today, October 5th.

The episode airs today on October 5, 2019 on Nickelodeon. You may stream the episode here:


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