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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne PC Trailer And update Revealed

Monster Hunter World Iceborne
Monster Hunter World Iceborne (Credits: Capcom)

Today, we got our first look at the PC version of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne which is the massive expansion to the game. It was first released on consoles and now it is finally coming to PC. A trailer for this was unveiled today which was pretty awesome and with it, we also got the update for it. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will be releasing on 9 January. There are also some new features coming to the PC version

Montser Hunter World Iceborne Features

Ultra-widescreen is available and high-resolution textures are also available from the release. There are some changes to the control and frame-rates are uncapped and the game supports DirectX 12. With all of this, I am pretty darn sure that the graphics will be out of this world. Moreover, in the trailer description, the company has also revealed that the horned ape Rajang will be making its returning from earlier in the series ane will arrive sometime after release, which shows that PC updates will be behind consoles by several months.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne update

Monster Hunter World Iceborne (Credits: Capcom)

Furthermore, Capcom recently confirmed that Rajang, new features for the player’s room and a set of Resident Evil-themed costumes will arrive in Iceborne’s February update. But the updates don’t end there as another monster will be making his way to the game in March and the company is planning to decrease the difference between console and PC update over the coming months.

This expansion will have a new difficulty tier called Master Rank hunts that’ll have players squaring off with tougher, more aggressive versions of every monster in the game. The players will new things that will help them along their journey which is an upgraded grappling hook that allows them to cling directly to monsters. The pre-order is available $49.99, it isn’t cheap that’s for sure but it is worth your money because you can play this game for hundreds of hours.

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