Sub Zero Chapter 93 Spoilers, and Details

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Sub Zero

The prison is still exploding and Clove is running away with Aron whop is carrying Fei they are escaping through the tunnel. Captain Aron said that the tunnel won’t hold much longer due to the explosion. It is dark inside the tunnel and Aron told Clove to hurry up following his voice. Clove asks Aron where does the tunnel lead them Aron said that there is a fortified region ahead they have to reach it. Aron and Clove met with the guard and they said that Fei is injured.

Aron asks if there is someone who can help them. Aron saw Clove behind helping the commander and he thinks that they can’t make it. He told her to hurry since the tunnel is collapsing and the passage of the tunnel got closed. Everyone is worried since they can’t see Clove they thought that the passage closed with her inside. Aron notices that before the passage closed Clove manages to jump with the commander. Aron went to Clove telling her that she doesn’t have to risk her life like that.

Sub Zero Chapter 93 Recap

Sub Zero Chapter 93 will be released on Monday, 2 November 2020. Note that this Manga releases its new chapter every Monday. But sometimes it skips releasing and release two chapters on the same day just like the last one. Let’s find out what the latest development has to offer to us here.

Sub Zero
Sub Zero

Previously on Sub Zero Chapter 92

Clove replied that if he was in her shoes he would have done the same. The commander thanks Clove for saving his life and the general lady is happy that they are now together. Since she doesn’t like Fei she thinks that it is better to let her die but she is busy helping to treat her wounds. The princess yells at her that they are not leaving anyone and she doesn’t care who it is. The general replied that there are more injured soldiers Fei will slow them down.

Clove told her that she must know how to do her job as the general and grand marshal’s niece. Clove asks her the way that they can use to reach the Eastern exit. The general explains that the prison is built in such a way that there is no possibility for the prisoner to escape. If they try to escape they might reach the dead end and it will be over for them Aron suggested that it is better to wait until the explosion goes off since they are in a safe place.

Later the general orders everyone to get ready to move and they are going to find a way out. Fei is badly injured and Clove said that they should try to stay alive. Meanwhile, outside the prison, Raizo is worried about the princess and the general. The guards told Raizo that they have managed to secure the entrance and they are trying to find a way to get inside.

Kryo summons Red trying to locate Clove and others meanwhile the explosion has increased. Inside the tunnel, the general find out that all the way that leads out has been blocked and she said there is only one way. She reveals that the only way is for Clove to unleash the beast inside her and take everyone to safety. Clove hesitates to say that she can’t and the general said if Kryo was here he wouldn’t hesitate.

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