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Pokemon Go’s Community Day for December Bring Back All Previous Featured Pokemon

pokemon go community day 2019

So we are very near to end the of this year, and we are very close to celebrating Pokemon Go community day. Niantic has announced a few of the details regarding 2019 Community day and developers are thinking of doing something exciting as every year.

While most of the community days before only last for three hours, but this time, it will last two days. Timing will be 9 am – 9 pm local timing each day. During this event, all the other pokemon which appeared before will spawn more frequently in the wild, but others who appeared in the 2018s event will be in raids. And on the other hand, you have a golden chance to learn a move of your community day featured Pokemons move. But Before that, You have to evolve those Pokemon into their final form until the event ends.

So Developers have decided to give special bonuses each day during the event for a specific period of time. You can check all about the Pokemon and bonuses that are going to be there on community day. And you can also check full details about the community day event on the official website of the Pokemon Go website.

Before the main event Community day arrived, Niantic has decided some more events during November. Developers have decided a supereffective week for all those pokemon that are more effective against team Rocket. Those pokemon will occur more often than others in the wild and raids. And then the legendary Pokemon Terrakion is all set to make it’s debut in Pokemon Go starting from November 26 (already started). And then the games first-ever Friend fest kicks off will be on November 27 (already started).

Pokemon Go players have a golden chance to catch their first ever Galarian pokemon. To celebrate the release of Pokemon sword and shield on Nintendo switch, Galarian Weezing will appear in Raid during the event. While that Raid hour has ended but you still have a chance to catch your Galarian pokemon in four-star Raid. The Galarian Weezing will appear in an event which will be going to held in November and the latter event will take place during December.