My Hero Academia Chapter 212 Spoilers: A New Holder Of One For All Quirk

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My Hero Academia’s training arc is currently near its end, and we can see lots of interesting details finally appearing now. Last week’s chapter was okay, but it wasn’t as good as I expected it to be. For me, the only problem that last week’s chapter had was that it was surprisingly short. We’ve been getting 13 pages in My Hero Academia since the last few months now, but they are usually 13 pages filled with information.

Last time around, I was disappointed because there just wasn’t enough detail in the chapter. We don’t know how much detail there will be in this week’s chapter, but judging from the little spoiler text that we just got, the chapter is exciting! So, let’s get started and discuss the spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 212. A quick warning before we begin, this post contains official spoilers. Please don’t continue if you don’t want to get spoiled.

Here is the official spoiler text for My Hero Academia Chapter 212:

“Ochako orders Shinsou to Brainwash Deku. Shinsou asks Deku: “fight with me,” and Deku replies: “Yes.” Seemingly the rampaged ceased, and Deku returned into the vestige dream realm (?), and his vision showed him one of the previous holders of OFA: The bald dude with goggles.”

As you can see, Deku has calmed down, but he is unconscious now. He is in the dream realm, and he sees a former user of One For All. This is obviously one before Deku, Toshinori and Nana Shimura. We don’t know where he ranks, but he seems someone important. What will he have to say to Midoriya? What will he show Midoriya in the vision? We don’t know yet, but the chapter looks very interesting.

My Hero Academia Chapter 212 will come out officially on January 7, 2019. The scans have leaked online already and will be available to read by January 01, 2019. Keep supporting Otakukart!

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