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Black Clover Season 3: update and Details

Black Clover Season 3 update

The adventures of Asta and Yuno will come to a halt after the 66th episode. Black Clover’s second season will come to an end on January 15, 2019. Black Clover anime had a slow start but, the show’s quality has continued to rise through the episodes. The anime had its critics, and the people were criticizing it a lot. It’s comical to see the people who were once heavily criticizing the show are now the most vocal in support of the anime.

Now, as I was saying that the second season of Black Clover is going wrap up soon. The fans want to get news about the release of the new season as quickly as possible. So far we haven’t got any news from the studio or any of the staff members about the new season. One might question whether or not the show will get a new season and it’s a fair concern.


I think that the show will come back. The 63rd episode of Black Clover has been labeled by fans as the best episode till date. It was arguably one of the best fights of 2018. The show has a lot of promise, and I think the update of the new season will be confirmed in the upcoming weeks or it might be confirmed at the end of the 66th episode.

I can see the new season being released later this year.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jason Turk

    July 28, 2019 at 11:11 pm

    Was episode 63 really that popular? I mean I was super hyped to see Black Asta in the anime because I had seen snippets of it from the manga but there were so many scenes in that episode that the animation quality was really poor. Some of the lines legit looked like they were added in MS Paint.

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