Ninjago Season 12: update, Plot, Cast and Details

Sub-titled Prime Empire, Lego Ninjago is out for Season 12! The cartoon series telecasted on Cartoon Network is written by Bragi Schul. The mascot character of the series is Jay, although the ninja-in-focus is still not known. The Anti-Hero gang of the series is Unagami, his army, and Rat Pack.

What is Ninjago Season 12 Plot?

The old and legendary video game, Prime Empire surfaces in Season 12, and subsequently, the players suddenly begin to disappear from the environment.

In order to solve the mystery, some times we need to take action. This is what happens to our Ninja-in-focus, who is forced to enter a world that is dangerous yet digital.

The digital world is ruled by a villain who is as mysterious as the season itself, or the disappearance of the players. His name is Unagami, and his anti-hero team also consists of ‘Rat Pack.’

The season has been revealed on the Eljay Johnsen show. Lego has revealed that Ninjago will continue for at least two more years. Sources inform your site that characters such as Harumi will return as Avatars. There will be one episode focused on Zane and P.I.X.A.L. as well.

Who is Ninjago Season 12 Cast?

The lead casts of the show have the name of Bill Newton at the top. His role will be played by Anthony Buzzsaw Nelli. Likewise, Avatar Harumi will be played by Britt McKillip. He will be ably assisted by Cole in the role of Kirby Morrow, Hyper-Sonic in the form of Matt Hill and Jay playing the role of Michael Adamthwaite.

Other members of the cast crew include Ratso as Sam Vincent, Tane as Brent Miller, Wu as Paul Dobson, The Mechanic as Michael Antonakos, and Unagami as Dean Redman.

When is Ninjago Season 12 update?

Lego Ninjago Season 12 will be released in Spring 2020. We will keep you posted with the latest developments.