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Chicago Fire Season 7 Episode 17: Air Date And Spoilers

Chicago Fire has been on a hiatus for over a month now. For Season 7, we saw episode 16 last, but I’m here to tell you that Chicago Fire is returning soon on Television. Season 7 of Chicago Fire has Episode 17 for us to watch, next. It will be back on March 27, 2019, with a plot ready to shake us all. The previous episode was titled “Fault In Him,” and it majorly revolved around Casey’s character. He was put ambushed by a gunman. Casey sure has some sorting out to do with this life, he then restored both his strength and his perspective in life and tried to seek out discipline. All thanks to Brett’s help who’s the captain of Truck 81, he is to face a set new task again. This is the time when he and a new firefighter will fight it out.

We weren’t given exact reasons as to why Chicago Fire was taking a break. But it’s only obvious that the show went on a hiatus because of the logistics and it certainly is not unusual for Chicago Fire season 7 to take breaks in between episode runs. That way the makers get enough time to prepare for what’s coming next.

Episode 17 will deal with the same firefighter. It is being said that this man is a Herrmann; both of them will have a faceoff. There will be a firefighting scene in an apartment complex after which both the characters will have a heated argument or whatever.

Another question that we as fans of Chicago Fire have is will Casey, and Gabby Dawson (played by Monica Raymund) will reunite in future episodes. This is something that remains unanswered as of now. Casey although did admit that he’s having a tough time recovering from his divorce to Chief Boden. He was dating a new girl at the beginning of episode 7 but looks like his recovery will be a long way from now. More as we have it.