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Mob Psycho 100 Season 2 Episode 13: Online Streaming, And Spoilers

Mob Psycho 100 Season 2 Episode 13
Mob Psycho 100 Season 2 Episode 13 spoilers

The second season of Mob Psycho 100 is blowing up and the fans of the series are enjoying every bit of it. Many things have been revealed about the Boss and his story as well. Episode 13 of Mob Psycho 100 will be amazing as it will reveal many more things. Just to warn you that we will be entering spoiler territory here, if you don’t want to be spoiled then go scroll down to the end see the update. So, let’s begin:-

In the previous episode, we finally got to see the boss after a long time and as well as his story. Boss story is very similar to that of Reigen and Mob’s story. When he was a kid, he was afraid to go outside because he didn’t want to hurt someone with his powers. Mob understood him the most and better than everyone else. Now, Mob is on a mission to save his friend, Boss and wants to make him understand that he is not alone in this world and he wants to do it without fighting him. As we all know that Mob understands other people’s abilities very well. This will put it to the test as his it is his that Mob needs to convince is his dear friend.

Now, let us start the spoilers. The name of the next episode of Mob Psycho 100 season 2 is “Boss Fight ~The Final Light~.”

In this episode, we will see Mob fight against Suzuki and Mob will get beaten at first which we saw in the preview. But Mob won’t stop there as he will try to convince him again but he will fail to convince him and will ultimately go all out against him. And Mob will win against him and will still offer a helping hand. Mob Psycho 100 Season 2 Episode 13 will be releasing on 01 April 2019.

You can watch it online on Crunchyroll and FUNimation.