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Industries of Titan: update, Early Access, Trailer and Features

Industries of Titan update

Industries of Titan is a soon to release a game from Brace Yourself Games, they have both developed and also will publish the game. The genre of this game is action, indie, simulation, and strategy. In this post, I’ll be discussing Industries of Titan update, its features, and its early access. Also, spoilers about this game are a part of this post, and this is a quick spoiler warning for all of you who don’t like spoiler content. Without delaying the post any more, let us begin discussing the topic.

Industries of Titan update

There is no definite update of Industries of Titan game out so far. But it has been announced that Industries of Titan game will be released in 2021 on Steam. There might even be some more delay in the release of this game due to the uncertainty of the Coronavirus pandemic situation. None, but Almighty knows when this pandemic will end and how many millions will it take with it.

So, the release of this game is also a significant doubt due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Nonetheless, the Early Access option of Industries of Titan is available for the fans if they are desperate to taste this game. Industries of Titan was released on Early Access by Brace Yourself Games on 14 April 2020. I’ll be discussing it below in detail. So, what is Industries of Titan actually about, and what type of game is it?

It is a simulation game in which we get to see the sprawling industrial city, and the players have to compete to gain supremacy in the city via resources, territory, and power. The player has to manage the resources and make the factories as productive as possible in order to survive the competition. The user has to simply stake the claim for becoming Industries of Titan in the game. Strategies are a very important part of this game.

Industries of Titan – Early Access

The game has been released on Early Access, as mentioned above. You can play this game via Epic Games Store. About the transportation of the game is still under the production process, and it is clear that it will be available on Early Access when production is complete via an update. This update will feature roads, trucks, source delivery, etc. This will be just the start of the updates that will be rolling out during Early Access. We’ll get to see new and new features about the game when it rolls out.

Industries of Titan Features

Following are the features of this game:

  • First, the main city is a small colony, but with development and as the game progresses, it becomes a metropolis.
  • You just cannot overburden workers and other employees to make them work extraordinarily. You have to really manage their time, needs, factories, etc.
  • One of the main components of the game is how to plan the output and production of the factories.
  • War is important in the real world if one wants to be successful in this world, they have to be successful. One will have to fight enemies in the air using battleships, which they make themselves with their own unique designs.
  • There isn’t just one way of gaining territory and power in this game, and you can do the same using political intelligence, economic resources, technology, and other things. This tells us how the perspectives of this game are in a broader sense.
  • Real-time, along with the option to pause, this allows the player to expand and plan at his convenience.
  • The features seem very interesting, and a lot of fans will surely be inclined to play the game via Early Access mainly because they have nothing to do in Coronavirus pandemic lockdown or quarantine time. Created developers who created¬†the Crypt of the NecroDancer.

Sir Carma and Nick Gunn have provided the art for the game. The music part of the game is handled by Danny Baranowsky, and audio is being provided by Power Up Audio. This is a single-player game. Whenever the fixed update comes out, we’ll try to share it with all of you here. By the looks of the Coronavirus pandemic situation of the game, the release is still a doubt, but there is still a long way to go until 2021.

Talking about Brace Yourself Games game studio, it is a Vancouver, Canada based independent game studio. It is composed of the cream of talented independent game developers from all over the whole damn world.

The team of Brace Yourself Games consists of Alexa Schiess, Marlon Wiebe, Jeremy Phillips, Nikita Kotter, Alex Vostrov, Artyom Zuev, Stephen Kiazyk, Antoine Lendrevie, Nick Gunn, Oliver Trujillo, Cindy Chow, Pete Thorneycroft, Danny Baranowsky, Paul Veer, Lilly Lee, Ryan Clark, Alain Carter, Andy Nguyen, Chloe Ezra, Ben Humphreys, Pavel Efimov, Agustin Delger, Chelsea Ferguson, and Bahar Vaghari Moghaddam. Let us know your thoughts regarding the Industries of Titan by Brace Yourself Games in the comments section down below.