Game of Thrones Season 8: DVD, Blu-ray Box Set Pricing, Pre-order And Updates

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Game of Thrones Season 8 ended with a dud, it was disappointing, to say the least. The Season became the lowest rated of all time, scoring about 44% something. The Season divided audiences left, right and center. Now that the finale episode of Game of Thrones has been done away with, those who missed it on HBO want to grab the DVD’s and want to know the DVD update. Game of Thrones DVD’s expected to come out with a gigantic box set of all 73 episodes. This whole bunch of DVD + Game of Thrones Season 8 DVD and Blu-ray is expected to release as well. Therefore the question is, when can we expect to see Game of Thrones Season 8 DVD’s and Blu-ray

The fact of the matter is that as of now, we have no clear dates. Besides the fact that Season 8 is available for pre-order on Amazon, no clear cut dates have been mentioned. But that doesn’t stop us from taking all the guesses as to when the final season of the box-set Blu-Rays will be released, does it?

If we look at Season 7, it will remind us that the season finale hit screens on August 27. The Blu-ray availability of Season 7 plus the complete box-set at the time was released just in time for Christmas. On December 11, the entire collection was made available.

As for Game of Thrones Season 8, a four-month gap between TV release and home release is the bare minimum. Since the show ended in May of 2019, DVD’s and Blu-ray release will happen in September of 2019, is our guess. Season 8 is available to pre-order on Amazon UK. It is currently priced at £34.99 on Blu-Ray, £29.99 on DVD and £44.99 for 4K.

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