Love Island Season 5 Episode 15: ‘Episode 13’ Streaming Details

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Love Island Season 5 Episode 15

In this post, we are here to discuss Love Island season 5 episode 15 release details, streaming information, and details. While we know that the American audience is a bit unfortunate, we will like to keep this article spoiler free. In order to do so, we will be discussing only release and streaming details, and not what happened or what might happen. While the fans are enjoying the show more than ever, we will just guide you to see the upcoming episode! Only watch videos if you are not bothered by spoilers.

The show has finally completed 14 episodes, while the fifteenth episode is supposed to release this week. The fifteenth episode will release on 17 June 2019, as the fourteenth episode will be aired today. The show is released on ITV2 channel in the UK, at 9 PM every day. The upcoming episode is titled ‘Episode 13.’

While the UK audience would never like to leave their TV sets at the mentioned time. But if someone has to do, they do not have to worry as ITV Hub provides live streaming of the show. Additionally, if fans are busy at the time of broadcast, ITV Hub provides all the previous episodes to be watched on demand. However, all of this is limited to UK viewers.

If you are in the US, then you are a bit less fortunate than the UK audience. The UK audience has the advantage of watching an episode every day, while the American audience needs to wait till Saturday when Hulu adds five new episodes. Hulu adds five episodes of the respective week on Saturday when the American audience can enjoy the new weekly action. Nonetheless, they can watch them back-to-back without having any interruption.

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